RICHARD FARISH Lighting Cameraman

Mobile: +44(0)7900 554 896

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As a lighting cameraman, Richard has extensive experience in documentary, drama, wildlife, adventure tv, entertainment and reality productions. Working in both single and multi-camera productions, he is able to adapt to virtually any filming scenario, whether it is pre-recorded or live.

In addition to regular camera work either on location or in studio, Richard is a qualified HSE
Underwater Cameraman and CAA Certified drone pilot . He has also filmed on various mountain locations whilst on skis. This versatility has often proved very useful on many productions.

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Looking for a certified CAA Drone pilot? Richard has held a CAA PFCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) since 2015.

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Over the years Richard has also been the DOP on a variety of large scale projects, both in the UK and abroad, taking him from the Arctic, to the jungles of South America and to the heart of the Sahara Desert.
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Richard is able to assist in putting together the best crew for the job and advise on the kit requirements to get the job done.

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